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Today  Smart Homes and luxury residential environments are benefiting from connected appliances, cameras and wireless technologies, addressing everything from outlets, to door locks and window shades. The systems work in harmony to keep homeowners more comfortable, secure and connected.

Making these systems work requires supporting and monitoring a wide range of useful applications such as improved energy efficiency, access control, automated lighting, and home care. A  mobile device can control your intelligent home systems from anywhere, look in on your camera, lock your door or change the temperature.


TKD Home Entertainment Solutions brings your home into the Internet Age with a touch of sophistication. As you leave your home, it turns off TVs, sets the Temperature and arms the alarm.


TKD Home Entertainment Solutions uses advanced products and systems that bring new levels of intelligence and automation to your existing home. It’s our duty to make sure you have the best technology going into your home.


All TKD Home Entertainment Solutions designs are made to be simple to deploy and just as easy to operate. By keeping complexity in the background we let our customers benefit from the results. And we keep an eye on it, too, just in case.


Elegant touch screens allow for simple control anywhere in the house. Even your grandma will love to use it.


Use your phone to operate your home… even when you’re not at home. You can even check on the kids easily from the same app.


Make your home set it up the way you like it. You want the lights to go on and CNN start when the sun goes down? No problem.


All systems work as one. When you’re away your home can simulate events that make you seem like you’re present.

Home Entertainment Installation


Ensuring a fast, secure and readily available wireless signal for mobile devices, wearables, appliances and anything else that connects is now a key element to your experience.


Control your home through very simple keypads and one easy-to-use remote. Stop misplacing remotes and teaching others about multiple systems. Push a single button, and the room sets itself up.


Every display has access to the same content – Roku, AppleTV, Cable, Satellite, AirPlay. No more wondering “will this TV work?” Every TV can mirror anything you can imagine.

Smart Home Installation


Detecting changes in humidity or the presence of water can save significant costs and preserve equipment for years, while also providing a wealth of data.


Automated window shades make a great difference in boosting energy efficiency to block out hot sun, creating moods based on the time of day and ensuring privacy for yourself & guests at any time.


Monitor and adjust temperature in a customized and automated way, with settings based on the time of day or night, knowing if people or or will be in a room, or based on the season.


Smart technology puts intelligence into every door lock and ensures your home is locked down and monitored from every point of entrance.


Lighting is a crucial part of any home. It sets the right mood and uses energy more efficiently. Push a button to dim the lights, let the movie begin or just set the home to away.

Home Theater Specialist


Speakers are elegantly concealed in ceilings or walls and match the decor. They also add powerful sound to any size room to create a warm atmosphere.


Simple touchscreens allow users to control the Lights,
Temperature, TVs, Audio, Security, and more. Welcome to your new smart home.

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No more playing with dozens of remote controls or figuring out how to control something from the device. TKD Home Entertainment Solutions puts all of the different smart products you want in your home into one harmonious system. Just push a button and it all comes about. Through custom programming and system learning, your home will be exactly as you like it. You can automate a collection of systems to make your life simpler and make your home a safer place. For example, custom programming can allow events to happen based upon other events. Press “Evening” Mode and the shades go down, the lights dim to 50, and Jazz start playing. Life is good.